The first one was in marine biology
You would of thought he knew exactly how to get me
Young girl looking for a boys affection
All he had to do was give me a lil attention

Yea Jason was so smooth
Had me swayin to his lines
Too good to be the truth
I thought I learned my lesson
Until I met Jason #2

He had those puppy dog eyes
Had me looking at his profile
Next day I see he left a message for me
We had a date to meet by the end of the week
Yea Jason #2
So cute

He twirled me on the dance floor
Held me tight, had my heart racing
Gave me a feeling I couldn’t ignore
Until I found out about another girl he was chasin…
Then I met another Jason

Third time I thought was a charm
Yea he had me thinking I was the only girl on his arm
Telling me I was different
Wanting to see me

You know they say shame on you once, shame on me twice…
Yea he had me thinking I was wrong before
And now I am paying the price
Lesson number 3
Learned and burned
No more Jason’s and me

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