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songs of you

maybe i’ve been a fool
holding on all this time
always waiting for a move
dreaming what we could of been
looking for some way to prove
that we are better than just friends

and i know if i let you back in
it’s the same damn thing all over again
still i hear you in my thoughts
dream of moments that never occurred
wondering why i fought
for those words i never heard

when did you stop loving me?
how long have i been a memory?
wondering if i was ever there?
in your thoughts, in your heart?
why did i get scared?
how come i fell apart?

another long summer’s come and gone
i don’t know why it always ends this way
cloudy days, lonely nights
the cold, the wind, the chills
still fighing the fight
memories to broken heartsville

i don’t wanna hurt nobody
don’t wanna make nobody cry
hate myself for making it last
this constant spell im under
cant change the past
just left to wonder

dancin’ in the dark
middle of the night
thats what we could of been
brave hearts, skipping together
more than just friends
souls dancing forever